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Why invest in Croatia

 There is a lot of money fluctuating around, looking for good investment opportunity. But a good percentage of them finish nowhere? In last year I explored a little bit Croatian embedded situation and people inside that field. I discovered one precious information. You can buy all Croatian embedded people very cheap! If you have a good idea and the extra money you can easily open company in Croatia, set salary price over average Croatian salary in this filed and you will have all those people in your company. And what is the best part? you will pay that the half price than in the US or in western Europe! The only thing you need to have is money, a good idea and good knowledge of creating a Business and you are ready to create a large technology company. The average salary in Croatia for the embedded software developer is under  32480 € gross with all expenditures to the state. And believe me, Croatian developers are good developers. As example you can see company Ri