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ImmersionRC Ghost protocol inside Betaflight

ImmersionRC recently pushed out the new product known as Ghost. It is based upon LoRaWAN which gave it some nice advantages in comparison to other existing radios. ImmersionRC also created a new lightweight protocol to improve latency and some new features. This post will be more about how it is integrated into Betaflight code.  At the moment of the writing the code is located here: If you figure out how this protocol works you can use it in your projects. With Ghost radio transmitter and Ghost receivers, you can communicate with any device you want at a distance of around 10 km with very low latency including telemetry data. In the text below I'll describe how Ghost's frames look like. We are looking from the receiver's perspective (Betaflight flight c

Winbond NAND flash W25N01GV - problem while flashing one page multiple times

 I run into a problem while using W25N01GV. Since I couldn't find an answer on the internet I contacted Winbond support. Here is my conversation so maybe it will help you as well.  Question 1  : Hi, I am using W25N01GV on different projects and recently I found a problem while writing multiple data on the same page. With command Load Program Data (02h) I am loading data to Data Buffer and then I store it to flash with Program Execute (10h). Each time I am writing to a different column address on the same page. After around 200 writes on the same page some old data seems to change, even I didn't write anything at their location. Any chances there is a limit to how much time could be one page used before erasing the whole block? or this could be a faulty sample of flash? Best regards, Igor Misic (2020-11-29 19:06:17) Answer 1  : Hi Igor: Thank you for contacting Winbond. About the SPI NAND flash, there are two limitation for page program operation. 1. There are 4 times for doing