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Brushless motor kV: 4s vs 6s vs 8s vs 10s battery

This just a simple image with a comparison of different kV(constant velocity) for different numbers of the cells in the battery.  On the left is RPM(Revolutions per minute) on what kV number your motor needs to have to achieve the same RPM number.  It is compared to 4 different batteries. 4s =  4 cells, 6s = 6 cells, 8 =  cells, 10 = 10 cells.  I know how to do this calculation for a long time but I want to have a picture that can be easily accessible over Google image search. This table shows only the RPM comparison. Lower kV motors usually have a stronger moment, because of the lower number of copper wire turns resistance is lower, so current is higher. Check also this video to get experience from first hand: