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Patch PCB antenna 7 dBi WiFi

Recently I was looking for a small lightweight, at least 6 dBi gain antenna. At mouser web page I have found 25x25x4 mm patch ABRACON APAKN2504-S2448-T antenna for PCB with 7 dBi gain. I was surprised by this very nice antenna design. So I order two of them. When they arrived I was not sure how to connect to WiFi device so I started googling. There was no any special explanation how to connect it on the 50 Ohm cable, only how to connect it with 50 Ohm impedance PCB link. So I decide to connect it this way with 50 Ohms pigtails. After I connected it, I have tested it with a WiFi router, and they work very well. Figure 1 - Soldered antennas Figure 2 - Front side of antennas Figure 3 - Testing antenna with WiFi router  I will use the antenna with the u.fl connector together with CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL :)