Cobra CP-2207 2600kV - rewinding

If you were unlucky as I am, you probably burned out one of the expensive cobra motors that are not in production anymore. Luckily you can fix it as I did.

So here it is how. You will need a new enameled copper wire. The original in my motor was 0.3mm but it was really hard for me to wire it on the stator so I selected the first thinner, and that was 0.28 mm. Whit tinner wire you are limiting max amperage of the motor, but with my flight stile, I didn't find it a problem yet. Before you remove all wires there is a good chance you burnt out only one phase, so do a visual inspection to make sure if that is the case (it was for me).

The motor has 12 polls. This is how winding for the whole motor is done. Take your time to figure this out. The motor has 3 phases and they are connected in delta connection at the end.

First, make sure you get a photo of each poll when you start removing the wire, otherwise, you will forget the way the turns where done.

Each poll is winded with 7 windings. The wire is done with 4 x 0.3 mm 60 cm long. 
I am suggesting you prepare 65cm, you can easily cut the extra wire at the end. 

When you start winding make sure you write down each turn, otherwise, you will easily get lost in counting even it is only 7 turns.

Eventually, you will fix your motor as I have done. Good luck!


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