Upgrade Taranis with RG405

If you are planning to replace the original antenna in Taranis don't use RG178 or RG316. There is a much better solution! The RG405.

RG405 is designed to go up to 40 GHz while RG178 and RG316 are labeled up to 3 GHz.
With that in mind be sure that RG405 will perform much better at the 2.4 GHz at what Taranis radio operates.

If you don't believe check it for your self:

In this datasheet, there is only 1 GHz test that we can use to compare cables.

Here is the table:

Name            Max freqency[GHz]          Attenuation at 1 GHz [dB/100m]
RG178 3 145.7
RG316 3 124.67
RG405 40 72.18

From the table, you can see how RG405 has much less attenuation at 1 GHz then RG178 and RG316.

Less attenuation and Teflon as dielectric material RG405 will keep bent after you bend it.
It is thin enough to sit in a 3D printed external antenna part for Taranis.
Link to part: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2728354

I wish you a better range! ;)


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