Linuxdeployqt Icons missing in AppImage

Recently I wanted to build a Gridcoin wallet in docker and everything was successful until I started a wallet and then noticed that icons were missing. That was strange because I didn't get any error while building it which I think is partial fault of Gridcoin itself.

iconengines linuxdeployqt appimage libqt5svg5 images icons

Figure 1 - Left is properly build AppImage with icons and right without icons

It took me some time to figure out what was missing so here are steps that I have done. I was lucky enough that on my main machine, everything was working properly so I used --appimage-extract on both AppImages created in my machine and in docker and I compared the output.

chmod +x Gridcoin.AppImage
./Gridcoin.AppImage --appimage-extract

iconengines linuxdeployqt appimage libqt5svg5 images icons

What I found out that docker ouput was missing iconengines plugin.
So I installed libqt5svg5 with apt install -y libqt5svg5 and next time when I crated AppImage with:
linuxdeployqt /Gridcoin-Research/build/src/qt/gridcoinresearch -appimage

and when I started App icons showed up. 

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