SP Racing H7 Extreme - IMSSBL

 This is a demonstration GUI application and second stage bootloader for SP Racing H7 Extreme board PX4 version. 

It is designed as cloner protection for STM32 boars so if you are looking for a solution on how to protect your board you can contact me.

For now, this is an application that can help PX4 developers or any other developer using the H7 Extreme board. It works with IMFlasher GUI and console applications. 

You can use IMFlasher as GUI, or as a console. More about how to get it and do setup is here:

Here is IMSSBL.bin   Download link

Flash it with:

dfu-util -D "IMSSBL.bin" -s 0x90F90000:leave

You can return BetaFlight or SSBL with the same command. 

Link to SSBL:


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